Blood Moon Totality

Blood Moon Totality

Caught part of the lunar eclipse last night. I didn’t wake up in time for the beginning, but did manage to capture the entire 78 minutes of the totality.

New tutorial on linking color in After Effects for Motion League.


Sometimes I wonder what it’d be like to turn to a life of crime. Probably the same.



there’s a great big beautiful tomorrow… Wrote this myself …. like it? Look, mom, I’m flyin’! Why don’t you try?

I actually really missed this ride when I went back to Disney World with my family in January.

Continuous Motion in AE

This little bit of expression code will continue motion before and after first and last keyframes.

    if(time<key(1).time) {loopIn("continue")}
    else if(time>key(numKeys).time) {loopOut("continue")}
    else value}
else value

I feel like this could probably be a little cleaner, but both else value lines are required to catch motion between keyframes or if no keyframes are set.

Does production just hate AEs?

Top quality example of how to do an end slate (or any slate).



Ladies and gentlemen, we have our answer! 

If I were doing the #everyday thing, this would be today’s…

If I were doing the #everyday thing, this would be today’s…

I only presented one logo idea to the client because I believe there’s just one solution for a particular problem at any one time. […] It can be creative suicide to give clients too many options, as they lose track of what they’re trying to achieve. — Radim Malinic, Brand Nu (Creative Arts, Jan. 2014)

This is truth:


When you are self-employed as an artist or a writer or an actor or a designer or whatever, those roles are not your actual job.

Your job is to Make Shit Happen.

This is Code42’s sponsorship promo for Ignite Minneapolis 6 I directed.

This is what we did at work yesterday. Donate to the Crash-Stache Movember team here:




Calvin &amp; Hobbes perfectly sums up the creative process.


Calvin & Hobbes perfectly sums up the creative process.

You were hired to do good design… not to make people happy.

If you want your job to be making people happy, I suggest you make sandwiches—people love sandwiches.

— Mike Monteiro